ND Culture Change Coalition

The North Dakota Culture Change Coalition (ND CCC) is a grassroots effort striving to support culture change activities in our state.

Research studies have shown that transforming the organizational culture in care communities to one that is person-centered and resident-directed, improves staff retention and resident outcomes. Collectively, these practices are referred to as “culture change.”

Despite efforts to make improvements in this area, many nursing homes and other care communities continue to struggle.  We have developed this page, with sincere thanks to the NDLTCA for hosting us, to offer support and share resources for anyone wanting to make care better for our ND residents.

North Dakota Culture Change Coalition (ND CCC)  has a VISION...

To provide innovative, excellent and compassionate resident-centered care for all persons in North Dakota care communities. 

We seek to make that vision a reality in long term care by embracing these Culture Change Values:

Resident Identity:

  • Each person is unique, with diverse physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Each individual’s life experiences are to be acknowledged and respected as a part of who they are.
  • Each individual is to be empowered to make decisions for themselves, and to involve others as they wish.
  • Each person’s continuing life journey is to be respected and valued.

 Resident Wellbeing:

  • Each individual is to have a protected, secure environment in which to live.
  • Each person is to be given grace—the opportunity to have a sense of belonging and acceptance.
  • Each person is to be encouraged to continue their joys of life that bring meaning and purpose, including relationships, activities, celebrations and rituals.
  • Each person is to maintain their personhood, with privacy, dignity and choice.

Staff/Care Partners:

  • Each care partner is to be empowered, respected and encouraged in their specific role.
  • Each care partner is to provide resident support in a caring, compassionate and professional manner.
  • Each care community is to create an environment where care partners will be encouraged to develop and grow, regardless of their role within the community.

Links to Tools, Resources and Websites to help you on your journey to better care:

Pioneer Network: Pioneer Network is a center for all stakeholders in the field of aging and long term care whole focus is on providing home and community for elders.

Artifacts of Culture Change: An Organizational Readiness and Assessment Tool for Culture Change in your care center.

A Process for Care Planning Resident Choice: Care planning tool developed by the Rothschild Person-Centered Care Planning Task Force to assist in incorporating culture change elements within the regulatory guidelines.                                                                                                                                                  

Would you like to be part of this effort or learn more? Contact any of the following ND CCC steering team members:

Michelle Lauckner, RN
Quality Health Associates of ND

Jann Neameyer, LSW
North Dakota Veteran's Home