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02/26/2019  8:00 AM -  02/26/2019  5:00 PM  Radisson Inn

The new patient driven model (PDPM) begins October 1, 2019. AHCA has set up a 10-month training in an effort to help centers prepare for this massive change. This training is called the AHCA PDPM Academy.  This academy will be both in-person training, which is scheduled for February 26, 2019, as well as monthly webinars on key topics and emerging PDPM issues and "How To" webinars on implementing additional AHCA developed Tools.

At the in-person workshop, particpants will go in-depth with hands on experiential learning by:

  1. Aligning buildings and companies to transition to PDPM using AHCA's PDPM Readiness Tools and the related core competencies;
  2. Classifying residents in cse mix groups;
  3. Assessing market position in a PDPM environment; and
  4. Using organizational, business, and management tools to reconfigure business planning

Recommended attendees: Administrators, MDS/billing staff, nurses/DON and therapists

Continuing Education: 7.00/6.00 depending on if you take the PDPM 101 training prior to the full day. CEU's will be available for Administrators and Nursing for sure and looking into ceu's for therapists.

$350 first registrant from a facility
$250 registrants 2-5 from the same facility
$200 registrants 6 or more from the same facility

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Registration coming soon!