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Discontinue the CDC County Transmission Map – this map dictates whether the residents and staff must wear masks.

  • County transmission rates are determined on the amount of tests being performed and the positivity of those tests. At the beginning of the pandemic, asymptomatic and symptomatic tests were being completed. The shift has changed to only testing symptomatic. This has caused the county transmission rate to skew to high transmission rates.
  • Which leads to mask wearing being required for residents & staff
    • Which diminishes the resident’s quality of life – the challenge of communicating through a mask and not seeing staff’s faces; smiles!
    • Which is a detriment for recruitment and retention of staff

Changing this standard could help nursing homes evolve just as much of the rest of the country has.
Reporting COVID data to NHSN requirement – the ongoing burden to facilities is tedious and not necessary for any benefit to the facility or the residents

  • The time spent by nursing staff on reporting this information takes away essential time to give to the residents that we are her for; to provide quality and meaningful care.
  • The NHSN portal is not user friendly, frequently not functioning, does not save information and needs a complete overhaul
  • Due to the slow speed of the portal, the weekly reporting takes 60 to 90 minutes just to enter the data; which does not include the time to gather the data
  • The data changes minimally from week to week regarding vaccination status

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