Emergency Preparedness

Each year our facilities are faced with emergency challenges including fire, generator failure, power outages and more. This section will help you better prepare for, or recover from, a disaster. You will find an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Template; guidance on requesting or responding to a HAN drill; information on working with HC Standard; links to helpful tools and training opportunities; and there is City, County, and State contact information for building strong relationships with emergency responders in your community. All of these resources are to help aid in planning, training, and assisting for a real emergency.

Helpful Preparedness Resources

FHCA Emergency Preparedness Portal  |  Preparedness tools and resources specifically for long term care.
North Dakota Department of Health & Human Services Emergency Preparedness & Response Section
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness Video  |  Video was developed by the Virginia Department of Health to be an educational tool for in-service staff training on emergency preparedness specific to long-term care facilities. Major points include; preparation, sheltering in place and evacuation.

What's New:

AHCA'S 2022 Emergency Preparedness Resource for LTC | Click on Link: AHCA Emergency Preparedness Plan Companion Webinar | Click on Link: Developing and Maintaining a Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Program

Back to the Basics in EP for SNF Presentation from 2022 Fall Conference | Click on link: SNF EP Back to the Basics - Survey E-Tags and most Recent Federal Survey E-Tags

CDC Community Transmission Level Testing Map  | Click on LinkCDC COVID Data Tracker

COVID-19 Pandemic Sample AAR/IP - (AHCA Developed)- June 2021 | This sample is a template that is editable. Click on link: AHCA Sample AAR/IP Template (Editable) 

Tabletop Exercise and/or HC Standard Resident Tracking/Evacuation Training AAR/IP from Annual Spring Convention (5/4/22) | Use as a training exercise within your facility. Presentation Slides: Winter Storm / Shelter-in-Place Tabletop | After Action Report/Improvement Plan  Presentation Slides: HC Standard Bed Availability -Resident Tracking | HC Standard Mobile App

Tabletop Exercise:  Aggressive Winter Storm from Winter Conference (12/14/21) (RECORDING). | Use as a training exercise within your facility. Presentation slides:  Winter Storm Tabletop  Tabletop Exercise Plan: Situation Manual - Winter Storm  Click on Link to Recording: Aggressive Winter Storm Tabletop Exercise Recording

Tabletop Exercise: Ransomware from Annual Convention (8/25/21) (RECORDING). | Use as a training exercise within your facility. Presentation slides: Ransomware Cyber Security Event  Click on Link to recordingRansomware Tabletop Exercise

NDLTCA Emergency Preparedness Webinar - QSO 21-15-ALL (6.17.21)  | Recording of Session - Click on this link: EP QSO 21.15.All

Assisted Living & Basic Care Facilities Emergency Operations Plan template (EOP) |  Emergency Operations Plan template fillable form that will provide a basic Emergency Operations Plan

Rapid Response Guide | Emergency Protocols |  Basic procedures

State Medical Assets Video  |  Short video showing what the NDDoH Emergency Preparedness & Response Section can set up during a disaster.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Template  An evolving template of resources, tools, and checklists to assist facilities with the development, maintainence, and implementation of their all-hazard emergency operations plan.



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